Mirumoto Sukune

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Mirumoto Sukune is the uncle of the current Mirumoto Daimyo, Mirumoto Hitomi, and has taken on her duties until she chooses to take up the title. He never expected to be managing the Mirumoto Family, but his devotion to Bushido and his strong, subtle mind constitute the tools necessary for success.

The PCs met Sukune at the end of the Twilight Honor adventure, when they returned to Dragon Lands to meet with Togashi Yokuni. Yokuni refused to meet with them, but Sukune conveyed his thanks and recognition in his stead.

Sukune is available as an ally to Dragon and Lion bushi whose honor is greater than 5. He has an influence of 4 and a devotion that will not exceed 1. 2 if the character is a Mirumoto. Sukune will not remain an ally with anyone who fails to perform a duty assigned them by a superior officer.

Mirumoto Sukune

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