Iuchi Daiyu

Iuchi daiyu

Iuchi Daiyu was once a wanderer. Interested in the magic of the burning sands, he made a name for himself by combining gaijin magic with Rokugani magic in a new art called meishodo. Since his return from the gaijin lands he has become a bit of a recluse, spending large amounts of time in the woodlands outside Shiro Iuchi.

The PCs have yet to meet Daiyu, but his family was involved in a war with the Soshi over the Ojatara Valley. Several atrocities were committed, but so far the Iuchi have been very honest about which they committed and how things went down. It is unclear how much Daiyu himself was aware of. Certainly his generals have taken responsibility for all crimes that the Iuchi have been accused of thus far.

Daiyu is not yet available as an ally.

Iuchi Daiyu

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