Shiba Ito

Phoenix spy


Shiba bushi rank 4 Insight: 213

Honor:5.5 Glory: 4 Status: 1

Earth: 3
Stamina 3
Willpower 3

Water: 3
Strength 3
Perception 3

Fire: 3
Agility 4
Intelligence 3

Air: 3
Reflexes 4
Awareness 3

Void 4

Artisan: Origami 2
Athletics 3
Cryptography 2 (should be Calligraphy 1 with the cipher emphasis. Same number of points, same effect, different insight and mechanical operation).
Courtier 3
*Defense 1
Etiquette 3
Horsemanship 1
Hunting 3
Iaijutsu (Focus) 5
Investigation (Notice) 5
*Kenjutsu 1
*Kyujutsu 2
Lore: Shugenja 2
*Lore: Theology 2
Lore: Underworld 2
Meditation (Void Recovery) 3
*Polearms (bisento) 5
Stealth – 3

Ally (2/1) (Soshi Tensei)
Precise Memory
Read Lips

Haunted (Great Grandfather) (3 pts)
Sworn Enemy (Ide Kenshi)
Disfigurement: Patch of red skin resembling a bird over right eye.


The bloodless moon cast it’s weak light across the meadow and played with the juniper trees across the expanse. The shadows danced in rhythm to the gentle music of the breath. It seemed to Shiba Ito that the air, cool and soft drifted down from the mountains just to touch his face. The rhythm kneed his sore mind as butterfly handed geisha untied knots of sore muscles. He smiled at the thought of warm baths and soft hands playing soothing music. Sake in timy cups and grilled seaweed and rice for supper.

In the field, however, one had no time for frivolities and Shiba Ito was always in the field it seemed. years of tracking scorpion troop movements had taken their toll on the bushi and then there was the Unicorn. All those secrets and not caring to share even the simpliest of items. The Isawa and Asako were not pleased as, quite rightly, they were the keepers of all knowledge. They were pleased with Ito’s exploits, though no one could ever know of them. He had obtained scrolls incased in hard covers that did not unroll but opened. He could not read the strange scratchings therein, though he was lettered. There had been that nasty business obtaining the last one and, indeed, had to cut his way out of a tough situation. He had hoped that the BattleMaiden recovered though a Bensento stroke to the head left a gruesome wound and her father, Ida Kenshi-sama was reputed to hold grudges and to reach far and wide to smite his many enemies.

Now that Ito thought on it. Ida Kenshi didn’t have many enemies left. Still, Soshi Tensei has proven adapt of providing enough information on Kenshi’s intentions that no harm had come from the incident as yet. Unlucky for Ito that he had saved Soshi Tensei from that unsightly and dangerous encounter with that bloodseeker group. Tensei-san had been lulled into letting his guard down and that had compromised scorpion secrets. Unlucky for Tensei-san that Shiba Ito was honorable and determined to keep the matter quiet and the friendship they had formed was comforting.

Still, there was great grandfather Yuiritomo-sama. His prowess with the besento and iron will to serve as a yojimbo was legendary. That skill and dedication to duty had be passed down to Yuiritomo for generations beyond counting and from to him Ito’s father, Fujitsu-sama. Fujitso-sama had served as yojimbo the great Tadaka-sama. That Ito had not followed the family tradition had angered Yuiritomo-sama.

Ito considered and thought there must be a way to prove to great grandfather that his path was honorable, he was doing his duty, and the family honor was upheld. He hoped the opportunity would present itself soon.

Shiba Ito

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