Byron Tabletop

Hard Truths

In which a hero gets hitched

Major NPCs Encountered
Bayushi Dairu
Bayushi Tetsumaru

Possible Allies Gained
Doji Umasu
Doji Shihei
Hida Ryuden
Kaiu Kanbei

In this adventure, the heroes gathered to celebrate the wedding of one of their own. Shosuro Hitaki had decided to throw a grand party in the tradition of the Scorpion, and invited a number of significant guests, including the son and heir of the Scorpion Champion, governors of provinces in Phoenix, Lion, and Crane lands, and a particularly devious Emerald Magistrate.

The evening’s entertainment was provided by the Emerald Magistrate Bayushi Tetsumaru, who produced a little man who revealed one secret from each person in attendance. These varied widely in significance, but there were three of enormous importance.

1. Someone had lost the Fan of Onnotangu
2. Someone was planning to murder their lord
3. Someone was murdered Akodo Ikare, a character from a previous adventure.

A guest character, Asahina Zenko, also discovered that Bayushi Dairu was in fact not Bayushi Shoju’s son.

The characters were able to ferret out many of the mysteries through dogged investigation despite the interference of several guests and a rival investigation headed by Bayushi Tetsumaru, who proved himself an odd mix between absolute villain and honest detective.

It turned out that the karo of the Lion governor had lifted the Fan of Onnotangu from him in order to give it to Bayushi Tetsumaru. The players were unable to prove that he had it in his possession, so they were unable to save the governor or his aide. The murder plot involved the Phoenix governor, who planned to murder her father in order to have a free hand in the governance of her province. The Akodo Ikare murder was never solved because of the interference of Shosuro Hitaki, who had grown annoyed at the disruption of his party.

Resolution: The players came away from the party having laid the groundwork for recruiting several potential allies. Bayushi Tetsumaru was so proud of their achievements in their investigation (they had, after all, discovered his plot, even if they were unable to nail him for it), so he managed to secure them positions at the Office of the Emerald Magistrates.


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