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- Isawa Ujina, the Master of Void, and Ide Tadaji, the Ide Daimyo, have prevailed upon the Imperial Court and the Champions of those clans involved to assemble at Otosan Uchi to resolve the recent disputes between the clans. Present will be:

  • Doji Hoturi, acting Daimyo of the Doji family [The Champion of the Crane, Doji Satsume, being legally required to recuse himself due to his role as Emerald Champion]
  • Kakita Yoshi, the Imperial Chancellor
  • Doji Umasu, Governor of Mura Sabishii Toshi and Kenshinzen
  • Doji Shihei, his son
  • Doji Shizue, Hoturi’s sister and famed storyteller
  • Akodo Toturi, Champion of the Lion
  • Akodo Kage, Famed sensei and brother-in-law to the Emperor
  • Ikoma Ujiaki, Daimyo of the Ikoma Family
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  • Kitsuki Yaruma, the Ambassador of the Dragon
  • Hasagawa, Mantis emissary

- Following the second battle of Toshi Ranbo (actually the fortieth in the Empire’s history), war erupts up and down the Lion/Crane border. The spiritual phenomenon rears its head again as Daidoji Uji and Matsu “The Butcher” Gohei square off at the historically significant fortress of Shiro Yoshin. The Crane carry the day, but Gohei survives along with much of his force. The presence of a group of yoriki serving Emerald Magistrate Bayushi Tetsumaru inside the castle is unexplained, but no further instances of the spiritual disturbance have been reported.

- The Peace talks at Toshi Ranbo failed spectacularly when the Crane desecrated the seppuku ceremony of the Lion delegate by murdering his second with an arrow. The Lion assailed the city en masse, but the intervention of some spiritual force caused the entire battle to descend into a bloody free-for-all, during which the Imperial Mediator, Noshin, was also killed and the yurei of Akodo Arasou appeared in the midst of the battle. The Lion failed to take the city, though those present seem to have difficulty recalling why.

- Akodo Toturi, the older brother of Akodo Arasou, has returned from the monastery to take up the mantle of Lion Champion. where Arasou represented the Lion ideal: warlike, proud, honorable, and vengeful, Toturi is quiet, studious, and analytical. He is also a close friend of acting Doji Daimyo Doji Hoturi, the heir to the Championship of the Crane. Peace talks have already begun at Toshi Ranbo, with Noshin, abbot of Kenson Gakka, representing the Emperor.
Matsu Tsuko has sworn vengeance on the Crane for the death of Akodo Arasou. She did not appear at Toturi’s accession ceremony.

- The long-simmering tensions between the Crane and Lion clans erupted in a spasm of violence in and around the city of Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shiite Reigisaho. Akodo Arasou, Champion of the Lion, stormed the city with the Akodo and 1st Matsu armies, determined to present it to his fiancee, Matsu Tsuko, Daimyo of that Family, as a wedding present. Tragedy struck when Crane pikemen broke the charge of the Matsu at the gates of the inner fortress. Arasou and the Akodo House Guard were cut off from the rest of the Lion forces. No quarter was asked or given. the Crane burned Arasou’s body according to the rites of the Akodo family and his ashes were interred in a special shrine inside the fortress.

- Tensions between the Asako and Isawa families of the Phoenix clan run high following Kuni Yori’s presentation of a madman by the name of Asako Oyo before the Elemental Masters. His ramblings on immortality, “the Path of Man,” and “Shinsei’s Final Secret” have sparked intense debate in the halls of Kyuden Isawa, while the Asako have quietly begun to withdraw their samurai from provinces controlled by the Isawa family

- Several raids have been perpetrated on Scorpion caravans traveling from Ryoko Owari to Shiro Ide. In each instance the caravan guards and paymaster have been killed and the wagons and goods burned. Magistrate Utaku Jo’s preliminary investigation has concluded that the raids are the work of bandits formerly affiliated with the Hare clan, raising fears of maho activity in the area. it is unclear whether Usagi Ozaki, the disgraced heir of the late Hare Clan Champion Usagi Oda, is involved.

- The feud between the Emperor and Hida Kisada continues. Kisada, fed up with the Emperor’s lavishing gifts on the Crane and Scorpion while ignoring the unending war of the Crab. has ended all exports to Crane, Scorpion, and Imperial territories. Crab metalwork is disappearing from the markets, and quality tea, sake, and stronger drink is getting harder to find.
For his part, the Emperor has decreed that the Hida family is no longer welcome in Imperial territory.

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