Soshi Bantaro

Soshi bantaro

Soshi Bantaro is the daimyo of the Soshi family, though anyone who has met him knows that someone else is truly in charge.

“How can one describe the august presence of Soshi Bantaro? He’s difficult, he’s conniving, and oh yeah…he couldn’t pour shake out of a boot if there were instructions written on the heel. He is spiteful, cruel little man who knows how to wheedle and abuse his power without any understanding of the complexities of his respnsibilities. His only loves are the Air kami and his four dogs, named Ambition, Judgment, Revenge, and Desire.

The PCs met Bantaro during the course of their appointment to the Tribunal of Emerald Magistrates adjudicating the allegations of war crimes during the conflict between the Iuchi and Soshi families over the Ojatara valley. So far, most of his allegations have proven true, though his omission of several Scorpion acts makes his involvement rather more suspect.

Bantaro is available as an ally to Scorpion characters or characters who work in his favor during the course of Fortunes Lost. He has an influence of 2, which is increased to 4 if you are also allies with his wife, Content Not Found: soshi-sukenobu. His devotion will not exceed 1 unless the Tribunal rules in his favor.

Soshi Bantaro

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