Matsu Tsuko

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The Daimyo of the Matsu family is perhaps the most warlike and honorable samurai in the Empire. She is a force of nature on the battlefield, personally breaking enemy lines. Stories of her heroism began accruing from her childhood. Now her prowess is reflected in that of her betrothed, Lion Champion Akodo Arasou, the only man that could match her ferocity.

Update, Legacy of the Forge session 1
Tsuko took part in Arasou’s tragic attempt to take Toshi Ranbo from the Crane. The death of her fiance, her inability to save him, has fueled the rage in her heart. She has sworn vengeance on the Crane, and she will see them killed to the last man.

This being the case, she holds Akodo Toturi, her new Champion, in derision. While she will obey direct orders as a samurai should, she has refused to appear at his accession ceremony, and has done her best to undermine peace talks with the Crane. Her samurai know that her heart has died with Arasou. For her, there is only battle.

Matsu Tsuko is available as an ally to Lion characters who are willing to take Driven: Destroy the Crane Clan as a disadvantage for no points. She has an influence of 4. Her devotion is limited to 1 unless the character’s honor is 8 or higher, in which case it can be raised to 2. If a character ever flees from combat or spares a Crane life once battle is joined and word reaches Tsuko, she will no longer countenance him as an ally.

Matsu Tsuko

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