Kuni Yori

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Kuni Yori is the Daimyo of the Kuni Family. While not exactly a recluse, he is not well-known to the lower echelons of his family and is almost never seen at Winter Court. He is, however, somewhat of a prodigy in terms of his knowledge of the Shadowlands. His treatise on the studies of his ancestor Kuni Mokuna in particular have set him apart as a keen and driven mind in a family composed of them. There have been murmurs recalling the fate of Kuni Mokuna, and certainly some wonder if the student will follow the master into corruption, but Yori has so far proven himself to be more than stalwart in his resolve.

The PCs were in the same castle as Kuni Yori during the Battle of Twilight Honor. They never met directly, however, though Shosuro Hideki did witness him torturing a Hiruma samurai believed to have succumbed to the Taint.

Update, Legacy of the Forge session 1
Kuni Yori is at the heart of the deterioration of the filial relationship between the Asako and Isawa families of the Phoenix. While conferring with the Asako Inquisitors about the increased activities of the Cult of Lord Moon, Yori or his agents stumbled upon a madman by the name of Asako Oyo who appeared to have been living for some eight hundred years. His ramblings about “Shinsei’s Final Secret,” “the Riddle of the Heavens,” and “The Path of Man” were of great interest to the Isawa, who began to distrust the Asako for keeping such secrets from them. The Asako, for their part, have begun to withdraw their samurai from Isawa lands. It is all that the Shiba can do to keep the clan together.

Kuni Yori is available as an ally, but only to members of the Kuni and Yogo families. He has an influence of 4, but his devotion will not exceed 1 unless the character has obtained new information concerning the Shadowlands.

Kuni Yori

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