Kakita Yoshi

Kakita yoshi 2

Kakita Yoshi is the Imperial Chancellor, the foremost political figure in the Empire and the man in charge of running the Imperial Court. He is also the Kakita Family Daimyo, a role traditionally synonymous with that of Grandmaster of the Kakita Academy, though a curse laid on Shiro sano Kakita in the fourth century has denied Yoshi that title, as he cannot touch steel.

Yoshi has allies in every clan, and is known as a source of endless favors. Certainly favors are expected in return, by Kakita Yoshi has never been unreasonable in his requests. He is a friend to nearly everyone of importance in the Empire. Even men who profess to hate him cannot bear to maintain their position while in his presence. He is Cran dominance in the courts personified.

Kakita Yoshi may be purchased as an ally by anyone. As the Imperial Chancellor, he has an Influence of 5. His devotion will not exceed 1. Remember: when you take Yoshi as an ally, he makes an ally out of you as well.

Kakita Yoshi

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