Kakita Toshimoko

Kakita toshimoko 3

Kakita Toshimoko is the Grandmaster of the Kakita Academy and is without doubt the finest swordsman in the Empire, Bayushi Shoju being his distant second. He is also a noted wastrel, nursing a bad reputation from years of debauchery. His instruction of Doji Hoturi has produced a man much like himself, something that he is not entirely comfortable with.

Toshimoko is the elder brother of Kakita Yoshi, and might well have been the Kakita Daimyo as well as the Grandmaster of the Academy, but he realized that he would never be his brother’s equal in the courts, and all of the skill with the sword in the world would not equal a brilliant mind in terms of its worth to the clan.

He is a man with many regrets, not the least of which is the diplomatic disaster that produced the wreck that is Kitsune Gohei. Still, he has never lost a duel, and most likely never will. Doji Satsume permits him to continue at his position for that reason alone, and it is more than enough for him. He knows his place in the world, and he has embraced it. He sees redemption in every student that graduates from the Academy.

His latest graduate is the young heir to the Emerald Throne, Hantei Sotorii.

Kakita Toshimoko is available as an ally to pcs with an iaijutsu skill of 7. He has an influence of 3 and his devotion is limited to 1.

Kakita Toshimoko

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