Isawa Uona

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Isawa Uona has been the Master of Air for only three weeks. She is the youngest Master of Air in history, but her ability has never been doubted by any who have seen her in action. In addition to her mastery over the air, particularly the miracle of flight, she is also a prodigy at the art of divination.

It was Uona’s vision of plague, war, and devastation that provoked the Elemental Masters to send Isawa Ujina to the Emperor to organize the peace conference at Otosan Uchi.

Uona is available as an ally to Phoenix, Crane, and Unicorn characters. She has an influence of 3 (she has not yet built up her base of power), and a devotion limited to 1, unless your character is a shugenja with a stated devotion to peace, in which case her devotion can be raised to 3.

Isawa Uona

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