Isawa Tomo

Isawa tomo 2

Isawa Tomo is the Master of Water, and a personification of peace and tranquility. Where his brother Isawa Tadaka and his father Isawa Ujina tend to favor action, Tomo pauses and considers and reflects, and it has paid him dividends in terms of strength.

Tomo had a significant part in training Isawa Uona, and together with Ujina they compose the pacifist faction of the Elemental Council, often frustrating Isawa Tsuke and Isawa Tadaka’s ambitions for the clan.

In his youth, Tomo was not so reflective. At the age of eight, he and Tadaka took a trip south to investigate the stories they had been told about the Crab clan. They arrived at Shiro Kuni and demanded to see the Kuni Daimyo. The Kuni did not spare the boys the information they sought, and the whole affair soured relations between the Isawa and the Kuni for decades. Where Tadaka remains determined to gather as much knowledge as possible about as much as possible, Tomo has realized that there are consequences to every action, and nothing can be done without calm and reasoned thought.

Tomo is available as an ally to non-Asako Phoenix, Crane, and shugenja characters not of the Kuni family. He has an influence of 4 and a devotion of 1, 2 if you have an affinity with Water.

Isawa Tomo

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