Hida Kisada

Aoiko meets kisada

Hida Kisada is the Champion of the Crab clan. He is known to be ruthless, a terror to the Shadowlands and to his fellow man, and completely unstoppable in combat. He is the tallest man on record, standing a shocking 6’7, and his snapped the backs of oni with his bare hands.

While he has never lost a battle, politically speaking Kisada is somewhat less proficient. His clan maintains a good relationship with the Unicorn and the Phoenix, but his outright disdain for the Emperor, whom he views as a pathetic weakling, has put him at odds with the Lion, Crane, and Scorpion. Consequently, the Crab have begun to feel a pinch in their supplies. Some wonder whether it will be long before Kisada desides that being given supplies would be nice, but taking them is just as good.

The PCs met Kisada during the events of the Battle of Twilight Honor. He commended them on their service, even the Crane and Scorpion, and gave special consideration to the Crab PCs.

Hida Kisada is not available as an ally. He has no need of them.

Hida Kisada

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