Hantei xxxviii

Hantei XXXVIII is under a lot of strain. The decades-long peace that he has spent his extremely active reign promoting has begun to unravel. The Right and Left Hands engage in bloody conflict, the Crab shout their disloyalty in open court, the Phoenix seem set to implode, and the Dragon remain as distant and unapproachable as ever. Only the Unicorn and the Scorpion have adhered to his vision, and their power continues to increase.

Bayushi Shoju is the Emperor’s greatest friend, and while he respects the advice and expertise of his Crane Chancellor and Emerald Champion, it is to Shoju that he turns now as his reign begins to unravel. His only desire is to present a secure and prosperous Empire to his son, Hantei Sotorii, it is growing difficult to see how that will be possible.

The Emperor is available as an ally, but only if you have the Social Position, Imperial Spouse, or Darling of the Court (Imperial Court) advantages, or have made an ally of Bayushi Shoju or Doji Satsume and have Glory 7 or higher.

He has an influence of 6 and his devotion will not exceed 1.


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