Doji Satsume

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Doji Satsume is the Emerald Champion, the foremost authority of Imperial Law, commander of the Imperial Legions, Personal Champion of the Emperor, and Crane Clan Champion. A man of many duties, he has delegated authority over the day-to-day operations of the Doji Family to his son and heir, Doji Hoturi.

Satsume is a warrior, a fact evidenced as much by his demeanor as by the cruel scar extending from the corner of his mouth up to his brow. He has been the Emerald Champion for thirty years, ever since he defeated his own father in a duel at the age of 12, forcing the old man’s retirement. He has the complete trust of the Emperor, and is not afraid to use it.

Under Satsume’s watch, the Crane are at the height of their power. Their ancient alliance with the Phoenix has never been stronger, and their relationship with the Unicorn is only growing better as the years pass. The Mirumoto/Kakita rivalry is a friendly one, for the most part, and the Crane all but own the Mantis and Sparrow clans.

Their rivalry with the Lion for the Emperor’s favor is about to spill into open warfare, however, and the war with the Scorpion in the courts is on even footing. Kakita Yoshi and Satsume himself may hold the most important political positions in the land, but Bayushi Shoju is the Emperor’s best friend, and personal friendship will sometimes trump even the might of the Crane. The Crab hold the Crane in derision in the best of times, and since the supply of rice has become short thanks to increasing political tensions with the Crane and Scorpion, the Crab’s attitude toward the Crane is becoming more and more violent.

Doji Satsume is the boss of the PCs boss. He is an immensely important and busy man, and has little time for frivolous matters. He is available as an ally, but only for non-Scorpion characters. He has an influence of 5, and his devotion will not exceed 1 unless your character has a connection with the Imperial Line.

Satsume will not become involved in matters that are not of tremendous import, and he has no patience for those who waste his time. Calling upon his assistance requires an Awareness/courtier roll tn: 30 or, if it is a military matter an Intelligence/Battle Roll tn: 30 to succeed. Crane and Imperial characters receive a free raise. Crab characters must call an additional raise. Failure on this roll means that Satsume will not assist. If you call on him and fail twice, he will no longer be your ally.

Doji Satsume

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