Doji Hoturi

Doji hoturi 2

Doji Hoturi is the son of Doji Satsume, and has been serving as the Daimyo of the Doji family since he attained the age of majority. He is as different from his father as night is to day: gregarious, easygoing, an aesthete, and a notorious womanizer. Together with Kakita Toshimoko, he has gained a bit of a reputation as a rake, and his quality as a leader has come under question. None say it to his face, however, as he is acknowledged as one of the finest duelists in the Empire, having slain the former Phoenix Champion, Shiba Burisagi, in a duel to avenge the honor of Bayushi Kachiko, whom Burisagi had violated.

He is a close friend of Akodo Toturi, and is known to be a large proponent of recent plans to bring peace between the Lion and the Crane. He has a wife, Doji Ameiko, but no children.

Doji Hoturi is available as an ally for any clan. His Influence is 4 and his devotion is limited to 2, except for those who have proven themselves devotees of Compassion and Courtesy, who may gain a devotion of 3. He costs 1 point less for those who have gained glory for defending women. He costs 1 point less for women with the Dangerous Beauty or Benten’s Blessing advantages.

Doji Hoturi

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