Bayushi Shoju

Bayushi shoju

Bayushi Shoju has been the Champion of the Scorpion clan for some time. He is the father of Bayushi Dairu, husband of Bayushi Kachiko, best friend of the Emperor, and one of the foremost swordsmen in the Empire. He is also hideously deformed, a rumor unsubstantiated only because he has never removed his mask in living memory.

In recent years he has taken his clan on a somewhat more belligerent tack, projecting power in a series of engagements that produced mixed results. The Battle of Kenson Gakka was a total defeat, the Soshi/Iuchi war was a loss until spiritual disturbances in the Iuchi hierarchy resulted in the Scorpion winning the peace. Only the eradication of the Hare clan was an unqualified success, though the PCs managed to defeat the first attack.

In recent weeks Shoju left Kyuden Bayushi for parts unknown, though rumors have circulated placing him in Lion, Crab, and Dragon lands. In any case, he is due to attend a dinner with the Emperor, the chief negotiator for the Crab clan, and Doji Hoturi in order to resolve the recent crisis with the Crab.

Bayushi Shoju

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