Bayushi Kachiko

Bayushi kachiko

Bayushi Kachiko is the Mother of Scorpions, the wife of Bayushi Shoju, sister of Shosuro Hametsu, mother of Bayushi Dairu, and the most beautiful woman in the Empire. Her influence is immense, and her every whim is carried out by a host of loyal Scorpion. Some whisper that she is the brains behind Shoju.

Rumors of her liaisons prior to marriage are rampant. The most popular suggest an affair with Doji Hoturi, but no one seems to stop there. Ikoma Ujiaki, Bayushi Aramoro, Kitsu Toju, and even Hida Kisada himself have all been mentioned in connection with her, but never to her face, and certainly never in front of her husband.

Bayushi Kachiko is available as an ally to Scorpion and Dragon characters. She has an influence of 4. There is no limit to her devotion.

Kachiko’s allies may be asked to perform a number of services equal to the amount of points they invest in her devotion.

Bayushi Kachiko

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