Asako Togama

Asako togama

Asako Togama was a precocious and prodigal student of the Asako family. For years he wandered the northern Empire, delving into the great libraries of the clans for the sheer joy of learning. As Daimyo, he is no less curious, though a recent spate of trouble regarding research into the history of the famous maho-tsukai known as Iuchiban has caused him to stop traveling.

That may be to the good, however, as Kuni Yori’s discovery of Asako Oyo has engendered grave mistrust between his family and the Isawa. Togama is outwardly confident that the tension will abate, but is preparing for serious trouble nonetheless.

Asako Togama is available as an ally to all clans save the Dragon, who have denied him access to their libraries, and Imperials, who were the ones that humiliated him for his research into Iuchiban. He has an influence of 4 and a devotion limited to 1, save for those with the Forbidden Lore advantage, from whom his devotion will increase depending on how much you share with him.

Asako Togama

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