Akodo Toturi


Akodo Toturi is the Champion of the Lion, and the foremost tactician in the Empire. He is also, perhaps paradoxically, a man of peace. While his brother Akodo Arasou was suffused with righteous fury, Toturi is calm, methodical, and tranquil.

Unfortunately, the circumstances under which he has become Champion are rather difficult. His clan is in the middle of a war he knows was misguided, yet the largest of its families, the Matsu, is completely committed to it, and the Ikoma and Kitsu remain deeply divided. He has spent the entirety of his life studying tactics and swordsmanship under Akodo Kage, and while that has made him a very capable man in those feels, he has been left without a political base. Of the Lion, only Kage and his other students Ikoma Tsanuri and Kitsu Motso, remain close friends.

Toturi is very close with Doji Hoturi, however, each seeing in the other an expression of Bushido. There is no doubt that whatever happens in this increasingly fractious Empire, Toturi will play a significant role.

Akodo Toturi is available as an ally to non-Matsu characters. He has an influence of 4 and a devotion of any level. Characters who take Toturi as an ally, however, will receive the disadvantage Sworn Enemy: Matsu Tsuko for no points.

Akodo Toturi

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