Akodo Kage

Kage and toturi

Akodo Kage is perhaps the most revered sensei of the Lion clan, his life has not been untouched by tragedy, but he has trained some of the brightest minds in the Lion clan, including Akodo Toturi, Ikoma Tsanuri, and Kitsu Motso.

Several years ago, he married the Emperor’s sister, a woman of surpassing beauty, but soon after the birth of the Hantei Sotorii, she took ill and, despite the personal ministrations of her husband, who never left her side during her illness, passed away, leaving Kage grief-stricken. He has never remarried, instead dedicating himself to the proper instruction of the children of Akodo.

Akodo Kage is available as an ally to any character. He has an influence of 3 and a devotion of 1, except for Lion characters with a Battle skill of rank 5 or higher, for whom he has a devotion of 2.

Akodo Kage

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