Akodo Arasou


Akodo Arasou is the brash young champion of the Lion. His ferocity in battle is matched only by that of his betrothed, Matsu Daimyo Matsu Tsuko. The Lion clan’s military is superior to all others, with only the Crab being considered comparable, though the Unicorn have been waxing in power in recent years. Arasou’s Lion Clan is politically isolated. They have no allies and require none so long as they have the favor of the Emperor. The Scorpion, Phoenix, and especially the Crane are the enemies of the Lion. He has a special grudge against the Crane clan, and has promised the Crane city of Toshi Ranbo to Matsu Tsuko as a wedding present. War between these two great clans is just over the horizon.

Update, Legacy of the Forge session 1
Akodo Arasou was killed in an attempt to make good on his promise to take Toshi Ranbo. Leading from the front, he and the Akodo House Guard were cut off from the main force of the Lion armies by a charge led by Daidoji Uji himself. Tsume Retsu’s pikemen were deployed to break the charge of the Lion’s Pride, an elite unit led by Matsu Tsuko, to relieve Arasou’s position. Arasou was killed in an honorable duel with Doji Hoturi, his remains burned by the Crane in accordance with the rites of the Akodo family, and the ashes interred in a shrine inside the fortress. The Lion withdrew, and Akodo Toturi initiated peace talks with the Crane.

During the battle that raged following the desecration of Matsu Agame’s seppuku on the plains of Toshi Ranbo, Akodo Arasou’s restless spirit led the PCs to his shrine to confront the instigator of the bizarre events there. It is unknown why Arasou has not ventured to Yomi, given his honorable death and the rites performed by the Crane, but his appearance at Toshi Ranbo has given the Lion more cause to pursue their vendetta against the Crane.

Akodo Arasou

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