Sandā to sutoraiki

A nemuranai of thunderous power

weapon (melee)

Literally “strikes with thunder,” this tetsubo’s spirit is heavily aligned with the element of water, causing it to strike with immense strength. Any and all 10s rolled on damage are kept over and above the normal number of kept dice. Thus a roll of 10, 10, 9, 4, 2, 6 on 6k3 would result in a total of 39 prior to the explosion of the 10s.

Unfortunately, the power of the strike is difficult to conceal. Each 10 kept increases the magnitude of the thunderous noise the tetsubo makes on impact.


Hiruma Ogami recovered this tetsubo from the ogre general Muago shortly before the Battle of Twilight Honor.

Sandā to sutoraiki

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