Usagi Ozaki

Hare Clan survivor


The PCs met Usagi Ozaki during the events of the Doom of the Hare clan. He had been accused of stealing a scroll from Matsu Chukoku, a Lion officer. The PCs initially ingratiated themselves with the Hare clan, and Ozaki in particular, by first assisting him in putting down an ogre and then accompanying him into the Shadowlands to retrieve the Ancestral Sword of the Hare from the goblins occupying Shiro Hiruma.

Just before the party returned, however, the Hare castle came under attack by the forces of the Scorpion, who accused the Hare clan of maho use. Shosuro Hitaki and Asahina Zenko were able to negotiate a semi-peaceful resolution through an Emerald Magsitrate, but as it happened the Scorpion returned not long after with testimony from four prominent samurai regarding the Hare and maho, and they destroyed the castle.

Currently, Ozaki is in hiding, trying to find what became of his sister and the true nature of the conspiracy that seems to have set its sights on his destruction.

Usagi Ozaki is available as an ally to any party member willing to help him. He has an influence of 1 and a devotion of any rank. That influence will likely increase if you can help him restore the Hare and root out the villains that blackened his name.


Usagi Ozaki

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