Meishozo Nisei

Crab Witch-hunter


A Kuni Witch Hunter with a dry wit and a quick mind, Nisei stands about 6’2. He is farily plain-looking, with short hair pulled into a topknot and simple robes


The PCs ran into Nisei during their escapades hunting down the Cult of Onnotangu in Ryoko Owari. They were engaged in a fight to the death with an Oni when he burst through a door and engaged the beast with his bare hands coated in jade dust.

His appearance was not just happenstance. Nisei was on the trail of four large masks that were in need of destruction, and believed that the Cult was in possession of one. When the cult was destroyed and one of the masks discovered, Kuni Nashi entrusted it to Meishozo Nisei, who took off in pusuit of the next, which he believed was located somewhere in Lion lands.

Meishozo Nisei can be purchased as an ally by Crab, Crane, and Lion characters. He has influence one, and can be purchased up to devotion 2. He costs one point less for Crab characters.

Meishozo Nisei

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