Matsu Ryoma

Governor of Kenson Gakka


Matsu Ryoma is a short, moustachioed man trained in horse archery by the Shinjo. Boisterous and energetic, he is very much a soldier.


The PCs met Matsu Ryoma after he sent them an invitation to Kenson Gakka to celebrate the battle of Humility’s Lesson, when a vengeful Lion host wiped out a Scorpion army occupying Lion lands. The Scorpion had used the tournament and battle re-enactment to launch a surprise attack on the castle, but with the aid of the PCs, Ryoma was able to drive them off.

Ryoma can be purchased as an ally by Lion and Unicorn characters. He has an influence of 2. His devotion is limited to 2 for Unicorn and 4 for Lion.

Matsu Ryoma

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