Matsu Chukoku

Aggrieved Instigator


Chukoku is a stiff, highly honorable military type. He is on the tall side for a Lion, with hair dyed gold in the Matsu tradition. A carefully trimmed mustache and rough cheekbones lend precision to what would otherwise be a rather plain face. Chukoku’s default position is one of aggression, and that very much comes through in his manner of speaking.


The PCs met Chukoku shortly after their adventure at Humble Turtle Castle. He alleged that important documents had been stolen from one of his vassals by Usagi Ozaki and Usagi Tomoe, the children of the Hare Clan Champion. He tasked Content Not Found: matsu-musashi with retrieving the documents in question. When the events surrounding the acquisition of those documents led to their surrender to an agent of Bayushi Shoju, Champion of the Scorpion, Chukoku disappeared.

Matsu Chukoku is not available for purchase as an ally.

Matsu Chukoku

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