Doji Tsumetsu

Crane Consul in Ryoko Owari


The consummate aristrocrat, Tsumetsu is tall, slight, and sports a severe topknot.


The PCs met Tsumetsu, the Crane Consul in Ryoko Owari, during the course of their investigation into the Cult of Onnotangu in the city. They drove off an oni attack on the Crane Consulate, for which he rewarded them with several tsangusuri. He is a man of no small influence, and is as skilled in politics as his long-term service in a city known for its hostility to Crane would suggest.

Tsumetsu is available for purchase as an ally. He has an influence of 2 and is limited to devotion 1 for non-residents of Ryoko Owari. He costs one point less for Crane or Unicorn characters.

Doji Tsumetsu

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