Doji Oruku

Crane Magistrate assigned to Ryoko Owari Toshi


At the doorway of the inn, you hear a crash. Hametsu bends down quickly to retrieve a large try of rice and sake he was carrying, and a man steps through the doorway nearby. “I’m sorry, sir,” Hametsu stammers, “You startled me, my Lord. I’m so sorry….I’m sorry….Please, let me assist you…”
Over Hametsu’s frantic apologies, you hear the stranger say cheerfully, “No, no, inkeeper, that’s not necessary.” He removes his straw hat and reveals a mane of white hair, pulled back into a samurai’s topknot ponytail. His expensive blue kimono and hakama and fine daisho are the very image of a Crane samurai, but the smiling eyes and ready grin are mischevious rather than stoic or elegant.


Doji Oruku is a Crane clan magistrate assigned to the largest city in the Empire. Despite the size, status as a Scorpion holding, and a definite hostility to the Crane clan in the city establishment, Oruku has made a name for himself as an even handed and reasonable member of the metsuke.

The PCs met him in the course of the Bon Festival. With his help and that of Content Not Found: meishozo-nisei, the PCs put an end to the Cult of Onnotangu in the city, thwarting their plan to destroy the temple of the sun by causing the Dragon Globe, its most sacred relic, to explode. An unrelated but still quite dangerous oni was also put down.

Oruku can be purchased as an ally by Crane, Phoenix, Minor Clan, and Dragon characters. He has influence 2. His devotion is limited to 2.

Doji Oruku

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