Daidoji Jinshi

Gusno of the Iron Crane


The PCs met Daidoji Jinshi during their time in Crab Lands during the Battle of Twilight Honor. He was personable, a rare quality in those lands, though the PCs deemed him more focused on proving his skill in the dueling ring than on aiding them in their mission.

That said, he is a capable bushi, and well trusted by the Crab. He is now a gunso of the Iron Crane, and is sometimes placed in command of even Crab troops. No one calls him koma anymore.

Daidoji Jinshi is available as an ally to Mirumoto Hiro, as well as Hiruma Ogami and Kuni Nashi. He has an influence of 2 and a devotion of up to 2.


Daidoji Jinshi

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