Bayushi Tetsumaru

Emerald Magistrate


The PCs first met Bayushi Tetsumaru at the wedding of their colleague, Shosuro Hideki. There, they became players in his parlor game. During the reception, he brought forward a little peasant who revealed one secret of each of the attendees. Some of these secrets were of no great significance, others were serious crimes.

During the course of the evening, Tetsumaru proved himself a somewhat cruel but brutally efficient investigator, successfully discovering the murderer of Akodo Ikare and, with the aid of certain PCs, the prospective murderess of Asako Nakajima, a provincial daimyo. Tetsumaru was impressed with the PCs, or thought them useful pawns, and so had them assigned as his yoriki.

Bayushi Tetsumaru is available for puchase as an ally for any character. However, any favor asked of Tetsumaru will be kept track of, and will be repaid at a later date. Tetsumaru has an influence of 2. His devotion will not exceed 1 except for Scorpions exceeding status 5, who receive devotion 2.

Bayushi Tetsumaru

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