Byron Tabletop

Murder in Otosan Uchi

In which a disturbed man takes a peek beneath the surface

Notable NPCs encountered:
Ide Tadaji

In this fairly short episode, the heroes gathered in Otosan Uchi to investigate their first case in the service of Bayushi Tetsumaru, Emerald Magistrate. A minor Crane diplomat had been found murdered and flayed, his flesh tattooed with dark markings telling of his having betrayed his duty for lust.

The investigation was arduous, but in the end the PCs were able to persuade Ide Tadaji to compel certain junior courtiers of the Unicorn clan to reveal the location of a troubled bushi. Descending on the bushi’s rented warehouse on the river, Daidoji Tawanaga sliced the villain in half. They were too late to save his latest victim, but the rest of the city need no longer fear the reaping of the wages of their sin.


Cearnacht Cearnacht

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